Where gamers fear to tread

Solo Queue

Where gamers fear to tread.


Much Pride

I see that the other Admin’s on this site have a more ‘consistent’ posting schedule, and I’ve never been prouder.
I wish we can give more content and some insight into our projects, but sadly I cannot, mainly because there isn’t any new updates.
I’m in preparation of making big move home.
As much as I try to bring awareness to this project, there’s only so much I can do without anything to actually ‘show’ people.
I’m aware of how hard Broodpwning is working trying to be our casting director,
and how Virtuous Seraph is trying to get the necessary equipment needed.
I feel we each are incredible individuals, but as a team we do not seem to ‘work’.
We have yet to finalized a shooting script for when we’re working off of. We’re still lacking some locations, and I’ve still yet to set up a Kickstarter page for this project.

We’ve learned much in our Solo-queuing experiences but now…
now we have to work together.