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Do as I say, not as I do!

So it’s 5:20 AM saturday morning, and I recall staying up late the past few nights for frivolous reasons.

This is my own little PSA about the importance of sleep. Did you know that when you fail to get six hours of sleep, your reaction times and co-ordination is as bad as someone completely wasted? Worse yet, you get these circles under your eyes which –while common among the gaming community– can’t be helping you attract a mate. Employers, family, hot strangers, it’s kinda hard to impress anyone when we’re not at our best.

I’m well aware that i’m in no position to talk, as a gamer, I know exactly how important this facet of my life is. But everything in moderation. I’m gonna try and get some z’s more consistently from tonight on. Because that’s the real trick to sleep. Consistency. Same time, all the time.

The note I want to go off on is this one. If you game with less than 6 hours of sleep, your game is gonna suck. And may science have mercy on your soul if you think your teammate’s are going to be sympathetic.

Sweet dreams!